Merry Xmas! (Week 8)


A Section

Hollins S.C 6 v Central C 1

Central E 5 v Elton Fold A 2

Central D 5 v Elton Liberal A 2

Huntley A 5 v Elton Lib C 2

Buchanans A 1 v Walmersley Con B

B Section

Central A 5 v Seedfield B.C 2

Stanley Con 1 v Whitefield Con 6

Bury Bridge 1 v St Marys B 6

Elton Fold B 1 v Central B 6

St Marys A 3 v Buchanans B 4


62 Sheldon O'Connor (Central C) 29 Darren Gilmour (Elton Fold A) 28 Phil Jones (Huntley A) 27 unf Paul Gallagher (Central D) 25 Gary Coupe (Walmersley B) Paul Eslick (Seedfield B.C)

In the A section its very tight at the top after 8 weeks with the top 4 separated by 2 points. The Central C heavy roller turned into a Big Dipper this week as 3rd placed Hollins beat them 6-1 at home with Dennis Mcloughlin staring taking the 2nd frame (122-53). Sheldon O'Connor did take the last with the highest frame of the week 62 and remain top of the table level with Hollins. Huntley A hosted Elton Lib C and thanks to decisive wins for Frank McDougall and Phil Jones took the match 5-2 and move into 3rd. Buchanans A had the opportunity to go top of the tree but slipped up at home to Walmersley B who took 4 of the 5 frames with Tony Burns showing good form taking his frame (82-36) as Walmersley won 6-1. Central E earned a hard fought win at home to Elton Fold A. Central's Tony Green took the opener (96-42) it was 2 frames each going into the final frame which Craig Seymor took by a solitary point and Central took the aggregate by 38 points for a 5-2 score. Central D hosted Elton Lib A who where unable to raise a full compliment of 5 players. This proved crucial as the last frame walkover 75-0 secured the aggregate for Central D by just 2 points in a 5-2 win.

In the B section 1st played 2nd as Stanley hosted Whitefield all the frames were quite close but Whitefield took 4 of the 5 frames to secure a 6-1 win and move clear at the top of the table. Elton Fold B hosted the inform Central B and it was Central that took the spoils winning the 1st 4 frames with Lee Armstrong gaining the last frame for Elton Fold but its Central B that make it 5 wins in a row to move to 2nd in the table. St Marys B made a big move up the table as they beat Bury Bridge away 6-1 with good wins for Tony Mahone and Keith Towers as St Marys move into 3rd spot. Central A where at home to Seedfield B.C it was 2-2 going into the last but John Jackson took the frame (70-19) to give Central A a 5-2 win. Buchanans B visited St Marys A and took the 1st 2 frames thanks to Aidy Tyldsley and Jim Cowan. St Mary came back to win the final 3 frames but Buchanans just took the aggregate for a 4-3 win.

Finally, just to wish all the players and their loved ones a very Merry Christmas. See you all in the New Year.

Report by Paul Davis

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