2021/22 Season Information

Snooker League Rules

1. The League shall be called "The Bury & District Open Snooker League".
2. The match fee will be £9 each game with £10.00 being payable per team for each of the Team Cup competitions. Team competitions being the John Spencer Memorial Trophy, the Arthur Dykes Competition, of which entries are compulsory.
3. The League Committee is empowered to make additions, alterations, or amendments to these rules, if thought necessary. A month's notice of motion being required.
4. A player may leave a club, at the end of a season, and register for the new season with another club, provided that they do not owe any subscriptions.
5. All matches shall be played on Wednesdays, unless otherwise sanctioned by the Secretary. Any postponed match must be played within one calendar month of the original date, and must not be played after the last official League match of the season.
6. All matches must be played according to the laws of the game and the rules, regulations and byelaws of the current Governing Bodies of the game.
7. In the event of two or more teams tying for a league position at the end of a season, the team with more frame wins shall be placed the highest. If teams are level on points and frame wins then you should take the combined results of the matches between each other to decide. If this is also level then the individual score of each match shall be combined to decide the winner. If teams are still level then a play-off shall decide the League Championship.
8. No trophy may be won outright, and must remain the property of the League.
9. Any player not conforming to the standards expected by the League shall be asked to attend before the League Committee. Anyone who fails to attend will be suspended until they do.
10. The results of each match must be sent to The Secretary by the home club, the day after the match. Failure to do so may result in a fine. Fines will be as per the league standard structure, first offence £5, rising by £5 for each additional offence.
11. All new players to the League, must be given a true handicap, by the teams captain. Failure to do so could result in appropriate action from the management committee including handicap and team point deductions. If a new player makes unexpected improvement it is up to the captain to inform the league and advise an appropriate revised handicap.
12. All fines imposed; must be paid within two delegates meetings. Late fines will be as per the league standard structure, first offence £5, rising by £5 for each additional offence.
13. The minimum age of players allowed to participate in the League is 16. Clubs that have a higher, minimum age limit must state this clearly on their registration form each year.
14. Any prize-winner who does not attend the Presentation Night to collect their prize money and/or trophy, and who does not nominate another person who attends to collect on their behalf at least 24 hours before the Presentation, then half of the prize money will be forfeited and refunded to the league. There is a second chance to collect the remainder of the money at the league AGM. Any money not collected by this time by the prize-winner or nominated deputy will be returned to the league funds.
15. Handicap books will be re-issued throughout the season at intervals as stated by the secretary. A player's handicap will be adjusted by 1 point per win or defeat,
16. Players off -20 or less will have their handicap assessed at intervals as stated by the secretary but may be excluded from the 1 point per win or defeat and have the handicap assessed based on frame scores.
17. No telephone calls are to be made to committee members after 7pm on a match night.
18. If a team moves clubs with at least 50% of the original team member's in-tact, the team keeps their league standing.
19. If a player plays of an incorrect handicap which is of a benefit, the frame will be scratched and replace 0-
20. A new registered player can win by a maximum of 30 points until the handicap committee has had the opportunity to assess the players handicap.

Snooker Rules

1. Each team will consist of Five players games to be between one player from each side.
2. Any player, who is registered with more than one club at the start of the season, will only be allowed to play for the first club that he competes with. This first game will nullify any other registrations.
3. Any player, who plays for a team in a Team Knock-out competition, is cup-tied with that team.
4. Any team playing an unregistered player shall have the score scratched and replaced 0-75.
5. Any club with more than one team must star the four lowest handicap players, who normally play for that team. These "starred" players shall only play for the team with which they are starred.
6. All players must be members of the club for which they play. The club Secretary and Steward, if not members, may play.
7. The result of League matches shall be decided by awarding one point for each frame won; plus 2 points for the aggregate, one point to each team for a draw.
8. All matches to commence at 7.30 pm. In the absence of an opponent by 7.45 pm the first frame may be claimed 75 – 0.
9. If no players from a team are present by 8.00 pm the second frame may be similarly claimed; and thereafter at 15 minute intervals.
10. If no players from one team have arrived by 8.30 pm, the match may be claimed
11. Any team failing to provide a full team will be fined; and points awarded to the non offending team. For any matches not played, the non offending team shall receive 5 points
12. The Home captain shall nominate their player for the 1st. Each team must provide the referee for each alternate frame.
13. The referee shall be in charge for the frame for which they are appointed.
14. The first two players shall toss a coin for the choice of break. Thereafter the break shall be alternate between the teams.
15. In the event of the scores being equal at the end of the frame, the black ball shall be re-spotted; the players will toss a coin for the choice of first stroke, and the first player to score on the black ball shall be the winner.
16. In cup competitions, where there is no point awarded for a frame win; a black ball re-spot shall only be played, by the final players, if the aggregate scores are level at the end of the match.
17. The bottom two clubs in each division will be relegated, and the top two clubs promoted, at the end of each season; provided that the same number of clubs commence the following season. In all other cases the Committee shall decide.
18. Any appeals must be made to the Secretary within three days after the match, and accompanied by the sum of £5.00, which will be returned if the appeal is sustained. The appeals will be brought before the next Delegates meeting, whose decision shall be final.
19. Late registrations, and other player changes, will incur a fee; and are normally only permitted before December 31st in each season. Registrations etc., which are notified at meetings, will normally incur a fee of £1.00. At all other times the fee shall be £3.00. After 31st December any subsequent registrations, transfers, etc. will be at the discretion of the Secretary or other authorised official. No transfer will be allowed, without the permission of the team captain, of the club for whom the player is presently registered.
20. Tables must be ready for play ten minutes before the start time of the match. There should be no more than five minutes between frames.
21. After the first frame has begun; practising on other tables in the club, is not allowed; by persons who have yet to play in the match. Anyone found to be in breach of this rule will not be allowed to play in the match.
22. The same snooker table must be used by a team; throughout the season, unless another team has preference, or, unless sanctioned by both captains.
23. No player may play for more than one team in the same week's fixtures. In the case of postponed matches, no player who played on the evening of the original fixture for any team will be allowed to play in the re-arranged fixture.
24. During the "Last Five" competition, or in team knock out semi-finals or finals; a player must have already played at least five league games for the team. Exemption from this rule can only be given by the Secretary; or other authorised official; the player's handicap may be adjusted. Should an ineligible player be played, the score will be scratched and replaced 0-75.
25. The maximum start allowed in any competition is 75 points regardless of the handicap difference the 2 players involved; i.e. player 1 handicap –10; player 2 handicap +10 = start of 20; or player 1 handicap –35; player 2 handicap + 50 = 75 start. In the A Section league maximum start is 60
26. All fines shall be at the discretion of the Committee.
27. All individual or pairs, knock out winners may defend their titles, where appropriate, without entrance fee, the following season. The responsibility for enter the competition rests with the player/s.
28. New registered players to the league must play 3 of the 1st 7 matches to enter individual cup competitions.
29. In knock out competitions, it is the responsibility of both opponents to arrange the match in good time. Any player or team who is experiencing difficulties must notify the Secretary, at least two weeks before the closing date.
30. Any snooker player, in their first full season, whose handicap is reduced by ten or more, shall not be eligible for the prize for most frame wins.
31. The MISS rule: notwithstanding what is laid down in “Rules of the game of Snooker; the "miss" rule shall be interpreted in this League as follows:
32. A miss may only be called: -
i. If the referee, after considering the ability of the player attempting the shot, feels that the player has not made a genuine attempt to hit the ball on.
ii. If a player can hit a ball on, but elects to attempt to hit a ball, on which he is snookered, or elects to play indirectly at a ball on; and fails to hit that ball.

Team Knockout Comptitions

Arthur Dykes Cup: Each team shall consist of four players. The winning team shall be the one with the highest aggregate score. The draw for this competition will be divisional as far as practical. The handicap limit of the league will apply whilst the draws are divisional.
John Spencer Shield: Each team shall consist of five players. One point shall be awarded for each frame win. The first team to reach three points shall be the winner.
Each captain shall write down his team of five players, and up to two reserves, in the order of play; any nominated player failing to attend in time to play their frame shall not take any part in the match. That player's place may be taken by a reserve, if one has been nominated.
In the event of any knock out match resulting in a tie; the last players shall play a black ball re-spot.
The maximum start allowed in any Cup competition is 75 points regardless of the handicap difference the 2 players involved i.e. player 1 handicap –10 + player 2 handicap +10 = start of 20 or player 1 handicap –35 player 2 handicap + 50 = 75 start.

League Tables
2Radcliffe C752032
3Huntley A761030
4Buchanans A752030

[...see full table]

1Whitefield Con752033
2Radcliffe B752032
4St Marys B743028

[...see full table]

.           .

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