A Section Individual Knockout

  • Matches are played in a best of 3 frames format, also please check handicaps before starting
  • All games are to be played ASAP
  • Home players to arrange the games
  • If you need players mobile numbers please contact Dave Holt on 07711223902
Preliminary Round      All matches to be played ASAP
Darren McHugh (Huntley) v Sheldon OConnor
Bret Armer (Elton Lib) v John Allen (Elton Lib)
Simon McGovern v Paul Anderson
Loz OSullivan (Rad Cen) v Konrod Slavinski (Elton Lib)
Paul Davis (Elton Lib) v Danny Booth
Paul Gallagher (Rad Cen) v Konrod Palionek (Totty Con)
Mick Walton v Alan Brooks
F McDoughall, M Cambray, K Poole, J Jackson, D Mercer, A Galloway, T Burns, C Seymour, B Baker, H Boswell, S Highton, A Newbury, D Morley, K Agha, S Ryan, I Martin, P Wolfenden, F Filidoro, C Murray, M Turner, M Lee, G Young, D Tiddy, R Kearns, G Euxton
The 1st Round      All matches to be played by 1 March 2019
Konrad Packolk (Totty) v Glenn Euxton (Rad Cen)
Phil Wolfenden (Elton Lib) v K Hurra Agha (Elton Lib)
Tony Burns (Walmersley) v Danny Tiddy (Rad Cen)
A Newberry (Walmersley) v Russ Kearns (Rad Cen)
C Murray v Kirk Poole
Simon McGovern or Paul Anderson v Ste Ryan (Elton Lib)
Ged Young (Elton Fold) v Brett Armer (Elton Lib)
John Jackson (Rad Cen) v Mark Turner (Elton Fold)
D Mercer (Rad Cen) v Harry Boswell (Elton Lib)
Paul Davis or Danny Booth v Dave Morley (Elton Lib)
Craig Seymour (Rad Cen) v Alan Brooks (Elton Lib)
Ben Baker (Elton Lib) v Sheldon OConnor (Rad Cen)
Ian Martin (Elton Lib) v Adam Galloway (Rad Cen)
F McDoughall (Huntley) v Martin Cambray (Rad Cen)
F Filidoro (Totty) v Ste Highton (Elton Lib)
Martin Lee (Elton Fold) v Loz OSullivan (Rad Cen)
The Second Round      All matches to be played by 1 April 2020
Paul Anderson (Huntley) v Sheldon O'Connor (Rad Cen)
K Hurram Agha (Elton Lib) v Harry Boswell (Elton Lib)
Danny Tiddy (Rad Cen) v John Jackson (Rad Cen)
Danny Booth (Tottington) v Russ Kearns (Rad Cen)
Ian Martin (Elton Lib) v Craig Seymour (Rad Cen)
Frav Filidoro (Tottington) v Martin Cambray (Rad Cen)
Konrad Pacholk v Brett Armer (Elton Lib)
Martin Lee (Elton Fold) v Chris Murray (Rad Cen)
The Semi Finals      All matches to be played by TBA
Ashley Spencer (Fishpool) v Toby Barlow (Tottington)
Danny Tiddy (Rad Cen) v S Reynolds
The Final      Played @ Elton Lib 8th April
Danny Tiddy (Rad Cen) v Toby Barlow (Tottington)

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