Arthur Dykes

Cup matches are played over 4 frames with highest aggregate score winning
The 1st Round      All matches to be played on 30 Oct 2019
Bye v Bury Bridge
St Marys B v Savanna
Fishpool v Seedfield BC
Elton Fold B v Radcliffe Central B
Bye v Stanley Con
Bye v St Marys A
Bye v Buchannans SSC
Whitefield B v Walmersley Con A
Bye v Radcliffe Central D
Bye v Radcliffe Central F
Whitefield A v Bye
Elton Lib D v Huntley A
Radcliffe Central E v Tottington Con D
Bye v Elton Fold A
Radcliffe Central C v Elton Lib C
Elton Lib A v Walmersley Con B
The 2nd Round      All matches to be played on 15 January 2020
St Marys B v St Marys A
Bury Bridge v Radcliffe B
Stanley v Seedfield
Walmersley A v Buchanans
Huntley A v Radcliffe D
Radcliffe C v Whitefield A
Radcliffe F v Tottington D
Elton Lib A v Elton Fold A
The Quarter Finals      All matches to be played by end of Feb 2019 unless specified
Elton Lib D / Stanely v Huntley A (TBA)
Whitefield BC v Radcliffe Central B (TBA)
Radcliffe Central D v Radcliffe Central E (20 Feb 2019)
Walshaw B v Savannahs (TBA)
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League Tables
1Radcliffe C16133096
2Radcliffe D17134092
3Totty D16124085
4Whtiefield A17116083

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3Rad Cen B16106076
4St Marys A1788176

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